My Closet's Skeletons

Lets pretend we're in wonderland and you are all my tea party guests. What happens here: stays here ♥

Sometimes I have bad days, sometimes I don’t. Lately, I’ve had many good days despite the fact that I lost a good friend. Usually when stuff like that happens I’m sulking for days wondering why it happened or why they didn’t try as hard as I did. Now it’s different. I notice when things aren’t going as good as they usually do and realizing who the person really is before it happens.

The things they did still hurt but I know that God does what he does for a  reason. This person was going downhill and could have easily brought me down with them. Overall, they were dry and not very loving or compassionate towards me despite all the things that we did together and all I did for them.

Although I lost a friend, tonight I noticed that I’ve also gained many in the past year. These girls are unlike most that I’ve ever been around. They don’t start drama or spread rumors like all girls I grew up with which is why I usually strayed away from them. I have some girlfriends back at home but I grew up with them and they’re people who I knew from a start were generally good people. I guess it’s harder to tell now than it was back when I was younger. Anyways, I’m happy I met them because I know they’re going to stick around. We always have such a great time together being stupid and talking about life in general





oh hell no

fucking nope.


I think this movie traumatized a generation.